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Extensive urban and residential development occurred in the primary habitat of Victoria's Owl—clover before the species was recognized so the magnitude of long—term population trends is unknown. The population at a fourth location is considered extirpated as no plants have been observed since Population sizes vary widely from year to year, which makes determination of long—term trends difficult, particularly at Canadian sites where they have been monitored only intermittently. Population numbers and distribution have increased since that time, with the current estimate in Canada having doubled to since the last COSEWIC assessment in Seeds have a dense tuft of long, silky, white hairs at the top to create buoyancy in aid of wind dispersal.

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Firstly, it is Rechy who watches the event and not the character Jim, who, being shown to engage in nothing but cruising activities, would presumably have spent the afternoon exploring a more verdant part of the city. Written accounts appear for both oral presentations and papers that were presented as posters. The conversion of those lands for human uses is likely the main driving factor of the species decline. Populations in protected areas are not necessarily secure due to habitat degradation from intensive recreational or other uses, and invasion by introduced plants and animals. Sexes are similar in appearance, with the male being slightly brighter than the female. Bilbo uses the magic ring to evade capture, and gets his friends free by hiding them in wooden barrels, holey-spaces that can be floated down the river. Most specimens were collected in Penticton and the Oliver—Okanagan Falls area between and ; the date of the single Vernon record is unknown but is probably early in the s.

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This provides no legal protection and Whitebark Pine has been harvested in some areas, although the extent is not clear. Shoreline development is the major anthropogenic threat. This minute terrestrial snail species is at the northern extent of its range, and found in lowland areas around the Strait of Georgia and on southern Vancouver Island. Although acidifying pollutants in eastern North America are predicted to decline in the next 12 years, proposed developments in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia may locally increase pollutants. A single male may sire nestlings in different nests in a single season and may or may not provide food to those broods. And the Icelanders on land seem very, very exposed.
In the s, the Rusty—patched Bumble Bee was relatively common compared to other bumble bee species. The global range of the species extends from southwestern British Columbia through western Washington State and Oregon to west—central California. In Canada, it is threatened by habitat degradation due to natural succession of savannah and woodland habitat to more shaded conditions, particularly as a consequence of lack of natural fire. All other provincial and national rankings in Canada list breeding and non—breeding populations of the Chestnut—sided Longspur as 'vulnerable', 'imperiled' or 'critically imperiled'. The species was first discovered in Canada in

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