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Accidental sex stories

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Accidental sex stories

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Accidental sex with daughters boyfriend! I made all the arrangements sending out invites to all her friends and most of them came and of course her boyfriend!

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Not wanting to wake who he thought was his wife Derrick slide back out of the storjes and headed to the bathroom to get some baby oil. It was late and she was really tired from the long day she had. Her nipples perked up further against his palms.

I simply explained Dtories found her boyfriend in my bedroom asleep so I went into the spare room, I got up in the night to pee and found her on the sofa so I put her to bed, Oh I see she replied, There was an air of what happened last night in the air! I'm looking for any story that has like accidental erotic scenes in it, like for example an innocent massage when the masseuse accidentally brushes.

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From the fucking that father was giving her, her emotions were running Conde SD milf personals, and her immense orgasm was racing forward. She also knew that her step-dad would be going to the grandmothers when he gets of work to his wife Carol. He moved over to the bed and sat down beside Angela but he did not look at her he just staired at his feet. Derrick was now unwittingly sliding his cock deeper into his step-daughters well fucked pussy.

Spooning next to his wife again he reached around her to massage her breast not paying to much attention to how her breast was able to fit more perfectly into his hands as he massaged her tits. Dereck thought for a minutes before saying that we shall have to tell her the truth and maybe things will be ok.

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He did not care at this point, for three years she would only allow him to put his cock in only half way. I have always wanted my best friend to fuck my girlfriend.

But before they are locked in, they are stripped naked and tied together face zccidental face. He kept his arm around after that and his cock but after half an hour or so, he fell asleep, I very gently moved my head from his arm and moved away from him feeling his cock slide from storied my legs, I got up and left the room closing the door as quietly as I could.

This is a true story.


He reached forward and pushed her T-shirt up revealing my breasts. Carol looked her daughter in the eyes and asked her if she would like to take it inside her every day, accidenfal Angela replied that she would and from that day they both shared Derecks huge cock. This excited Derrick further which caused him to roll her flat onto her belly.

I made all the arrangements sending out invites to all her friends and most of them came and of course her boyfriend! She could accidfntal his cock head pounding up inside of her. He felt for the first time as his cock pulled all the way out and then slid back in, all the way. They closed cacidental the ridge of the bulbous glands at the start of the long shaft. Angela was looking forward to getting some rest once she got into town.

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He grasped under her body and grabbed the full flesh of her breast in his hands and massaged sex. In the morning I got up and they were already up, Coffee mum Karen said, Yes darling love story, Errr mum why were we in your room last night she said? She just. The next thing she felt took her by total surprise. The thought of watching them kissing, sucking and fucking makes me horny as hell. When Derrick finally woke up he rolled of her and got up and openned the curtains and was surprised at accidental he saw laying on his bed, sudden thoughts shot through his head as to what happenned and to what he was going to do, He quickly went over to the bed and picked his step-daughter up and took her to her own room and layed her on the bed and he quickly wnet back to his room to tidy the stiries up.

Total 0 votes Loading He was thrusting into her much deeper now. I found her fast asleep on the xtories, she had no idea what had happened!


Angela opened her eyes when she felt someone next to her. He did not move for a few minutes to allow her to get accustomed to his size. After a little while he began to move, slowly at first, then much more quickly. His hot baby making cum shot spurt accdiental spurt deep within her as she violently came on his throbbing monster.

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I went to the loo locking the door behind me, I sat there as his cum dripped out of me! He started to try and clean all of his cum out of her pussy but after a while even he new he was wasting his time, so he finnished up and got her out of the bath and dried her full naked body off before putting the t-shirt back on her and taking her accidentao to her bed. She could do nothing but grab the sheets as he started fucking accisental harder.

The lubrication on his cock made it easier for him to push into her. The shaft was now coated with her excited pussy.

She tsories feel his cum-carrying balls slamming against her tight ass. Angela admired her slim body as she looked at herself in the mirror.

I could feel my pussy clamping down on his hard cock as I came, I hate to admit it but it felt wonderful after so long without. She finally arrived to their home and pulled into the driveway.

He then began pumping his cock at a furious pace. It was late and she was really tired from the long day she had. I still look back on that night and think, Oh you naughty girl you! This made Derrick immediately hard. She knew that her mother Carol would Looking for some compnay staying at her grand-mothers house to help take care of her while she dtories sick. He continued to push, gradually pulling back then slowly pushing again.

Inch after inch of his super hard cock flesh was entering into her slick tightness and eventually his 14 inch was embedded completely.

With each thrust of his manhood, screams and moans exited her throat. Not tonight! She could feel his balls smashed up against her tight ass. As his hand and fingers were exploring between my legs they found there way between my pussy lips, I was hoping and praying he would just go off to sleep so I could go, if he woke up now all hell could break loose!

A few hours later Angela woke up in her own bed and she layed there remembering what had happenned and then she thought that her step dad must have found out it was her he had fucked and then she began to think of what might happen and just then her door openned and there was her stepdad standing in the doorway.

Accidental sex with daughters boyfriend!

She screamed with each thrust uggggh, nooooo, as his storifs cock was touching her deeper than she had ever been touched. Please, Rate This Story:. He made love for around 10 minutes, I had a few orgasms which was totally unavoidable! Derrick spooned next to her and held her in his arms. Tonight he was going to give her a good fucking no matter how much she screamed.