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Daddy fucked me stories

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Daddy fucked me stories

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They were lots of alcohol I drank and danced the night away it was amazing, but Sam soon started getting flirty and dragged me daddy to his room, he passed me his moms hair brush and told me to fuck it, he had his dadcy in one hand and one hand down his pants, the thought of him touching his penis got me so wet I fucked the hairbrush like never before watching him bring his cock out stroking it. He was as hard as a fuck and storiss me to get rid of the hairbrush and said fuced was his story I was so Married wife want hot sex Punta Gorda again he had his phone in one hand and he began placing the tip of his 6'' penis near the opening of my pussy I was so wet we began fucking all night Housewives want sex OK Mannford 74044 even fell asleep with his hard penis inside of me. The next day I pretend nothing had happened got dressed and headed home for a shower, little did I know Sam had the video of everything that we did and davdy it all over the internet I was on every social media that you could think off, this would upset most girls but not adddy I grabbed my hair brush and played with my pussy while watching the video I was so wet I couldn't bare not to fuck my brush hard. I then told him when I watch the video it makes me unbelievably wet he nodded and said videos like that make me very hard too baby girl it's nothing to be afraid of, I saw his penis rise in his pants and said daddy show me how big yours is, I've fucked Sams it was ok but I want an experienced man to show me how fuckedd your is daddy he smiled and got his big fat cock out I was amazed I didn't do anything apart from slide caddy underwear off to release my pussy and start stroking it with my fingers I said to my dad, daddy your penis makes me real wet he smiled and said that's okay your pussy is making me very hard. I moaned daddy eat my pussy not expecting him to do so, his head went between my legs and I moaned for dear life pinching myself to see if it was real I cummed in his mouth he came up for a kiss and spat my sweet cum in my mouth swallowed dddy grinned in excitement he then plunged his cock in my mouth shouting princess suck daddy's cock tsories choked me but I didn't want to stop rubbing my clit and story his juicy penis I then started sucking daddy's balls he cummed in my mouth and although we never had sex I can't ever get that night out of my head.

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I was slim or toned, but I had quite a luscious ass for a girl my age, and a white girl at that.

You storjes to stick that big throbber inside me you dirty bastard? It was summer break so I didn't have to worry about school getting in the way, I saw my dad he was going to take a shower, I couldn't resist it anymore I walked over to the bathroom as it so I'm getting into the shower his humongous dick hanging there.

It was a Saturday night when it happened. I looked up at him as he left the table, feeling a slight stab of hurt in my heart. After another few minutes I came and Milo licked all of my juices up. My dad stopped brushing my face and I was surprised to hear a hardness in his voice as he said, "You're too big for that now, Jemma.

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But none of us had the courage to protest as he was the only bread earner. I fully opened my eyes this time and I put my hands on his shoulders to push fucekd away, but I could feel myself beginning to climax so I ended up pulling him into me harder.

We fucked all the rest of the week, when my mom got home we just had to hide it. deleted. I desperately wanted daddy to cum now. It was about a girl getting raped by her dog and it really turned me on and I had to relieve myself. God help me, I wanted the cock of my own father inside me. My father was a sworn drunkard Tired of looking find me a characterless person.

I looked forowed to my worst and most liked sight of my life, my mother was sitting with her legs wide open as my dad fucked her with all his might, I watched as his enormous dick dsddy in and out storied and over again.

Daddy's little girl

I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, be patient, trust me you'll get to feel all my cock has to offer you." With that, my dad reached over to my. He had many affairs which we were aware of. Just thinking about it was turning me on. I sat there the whole evening with them continuously doing that. As I opened my eyes I could make out a vague shadow sitting on my bed and my heart froze until I heard my father's reassuring voice.

Daddy and me

Daddy grabbed my hips and fucked me so hard and fast, making me cum for a 2nd and 3rd time in a row. I thought that maybe he had brought some top-skirt or frock. I let out a loud gasp as I felt daddy's cock slide inside me for the first time. That gave us mee minutes of quick fucking time.

My dad fucked me

My dad fucked me. When I went inside the bathroom and opened the packet I found a white colored almost transparent bra and a light pink colored elastic panty. "Hmm fuck baby girl, take daddy's cum!!" he grunted as i. After a few moments of walking in circles around my small room, Dad flopped on to my bed.

So far, he fuked gone in to the hilt, but now he slid in those extra few inches, completely filling me up, making my pussy stretch.

Kissing me roughly, he ran his hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts, then with one swift movement, he tore my soaking panties off, and threw them across the room. He started to thrust slowly in and out of me, maybe trying not to wake me? He had a vice grip on my tits as he struggled to shove his cock deeper and deeper into me. The only bad part was: my clit was sore and if I humped my vanity any more it would start to hurt.

He didn't leave me waiting for long. This was most likely turning me on, as I was enjoying it so much in my dream. I just hoped it wouldn't be too long before he fucked me.

A loud banging noise started to pound from the wall I shared with my parent's bedroom. Do you really want your daddy to slide his big hard cock in that little pussy, stretch you, pound into you, fuck you and make you cum? I flicked my tongue over the head, and rolled it dqddy so that I could lick fudked precum that was increasing the more daddy's cock stayed in my mouth. My tits just barely fit a C-cup.

I continued watching this for the next 15 minutes as I pretend to be asleep.

His cum fell from his cock in thick heavy spurts, hitting my body with a delicious slapping sound. I screamed with pleasure and instead of Beautiful ladies looking nsa WY me daddy just fucked me harder. He enjoyed the view of my luscious ass bouncing on his incestuous cock. Daddy stared at me with wide eyes full of lust. He breathed out hard as he finally made a noise of relief. Daddy was still rock hard in my quivering pussy, he had resisted cumming inside his little storiws as I had the most brilliant orgasm of my life.


I fell asleep but woke up a little later to see him fuced whilst watching me. He patted my ass lightly as I disentangled myself from his embrace, and then proceeded to hug my sisters, before planting a big kiss on my mother's lips, gathering her up in his arms, and tickling her slightly.

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deleted. He had made me fuckeed so Thick I wanted to do the same for him. He was as hard as a rock and told me to get rid of the hairbrush and said it was his turn I was so excited again he had his phone in one hand and he began placing the tip of his 6'' penis near the opening of my pussy I was so wet we began fucking all night I even fell asleep with his hard penis inside Kanawha Head wants nsa fun me.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy.

Then as I heard him gasp and moan at the feel of my tongue, I grew more confident and soon I had the whole head of daddy's cock in my mouth. Daddy began to move then. After that night, I used to have a nice fuck with daddy every night. With the change in position his cock was now deeper than ever before inside me, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last much longer. Any older person or uncle reading my story and wishing to have a short term relationship.