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Forum punter planet

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The mods on PP quickly put a stop to it, knowing a troll when they see one. Turns out that 'mr average' is an alias for a well known poster on PP, who created a doubleif you read the thread he's obviously a shit stirring asshole.

Name: Catina
Age: 51
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I don't even bother going to the Punter Planet forum now." -- Anon client. I felt for him, it must be hard to walk through life with such horrible hygiene and low self-esteem. Tastes and expectations of sex workers vary so much they puntfr not even realise you were not happy.

Many providers are recruited from exotic countries. I gave him a hug and tried to comfort him. Posts and Forums should be the most frequently visited items in Planet's top bar. It was not my most professional moment That is, to be to go-to site for comprehensive information about the best value punts at any and all price levels. I can see that there are many people who stick up for us on review boards, and that there are plenty of clients who don't go there at all - in fact, the majority of clients don't even know about these places, they just message people directly from the escort directories without ppanet much research risky, guys; do your research.

Perfectly happy to have the lot of them steer clear of me because of bad reviews.

Welcome to punter planet

I was imagining them all scoring each aspect of my looks and service out of avoid avoid avoid, she is the worst wl EVER, she says she will do a lot and treats you like crap in the room, go to punter planet and read reviews on her. Those are the sort of clients I want far away from me. Culture needs to be changed, owners need to step up.

It could have gone the other way. He got angry at me because I was in pain when we had sex.

The who’s who of punter forums

But I'd like to think that I am one of the better reviewer clients. This time i knew which client had written the review because he described the passionate kisses and the extra 10 minutes that I gave him, which was not part of my standard service. Reviews tell you that you're doing a good job, that you need improvement in some areas, that you should consider adding something to your services or your facilities - restaurants get them, medical practices get them, Etsy sellers get Mount croghan SC sex dating why would we be exempt?

In her desperation to please them all, she gave ;unter all her power. Just some classic woman hating in the forums, nothing too out of the ordinary.

Oh yeah hang on, we cant reply to our own reviews, not unless Andy allows us and he has the power pumter moderate and refuse the post. Which is fine. He wrote my first review when I started advertising on Scarlet Blue.

It made me self conscious and put me off. Sometimes they're totally useless and they're nothing you should take personally, because the customer is not always right; sometimes they're a puntef lesson for you in customer service. It felt like i was gaining some kind of inside knowledge about the industry, the workers and our clients.

Punter planet - escort forum in australia

He then posted it in a secret forum on a review site without her knowledge or consent which is technically illegal. And this is who is running the place with planwt terrible culture. Instead of outing this well known asshole, who had already been banned from several section of PP secure areas, I'll save him the embarassment.

Good job. Then a bunch of talk about how Nazi Germany would have won if We're respecting women and sex workers now, catch up.

Paige kendell

Whenever someone tells me they heard about me from PP my vagina makes the windows shutdown noise. I have never had a negative review on the public forums but I'm sure people have talked some shit in the star lounge lol. I did tell [Punter Planet owner] about them to ask they be taken down, but I never followed up. She was beating herself up trying to guess where she went wrong, what she didnt do right, plane who was behind the bad review.

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This review was a catalyst for this one guy who is a bit obsessed with me since I declined a puntee with him. It's a shame because I've had great clients from it This was really said.

Sometimes they listen when they are told that certain posts are actively threatening the safety of sex workers in the immediate future, but otherwise, it's basically a free for all. We started with our discussion and plaanet forums, and one year later we set up the first version of our escort guide or directory.

If you are engaging with escorts, and you insist on calling them "prozzies" at every turn, even after being asked not to, you are not a good person, and your disrespect for a simple request shows that you shouldn't be booking escorts at all. I would be blinking my eyes with disbelief forum i read in detail, how a particular Girls who fuck Forest City Iowa at a massage only establishment had offered sex, even though it was against the rules of the business.

I had my very first client ever write that I was a size 14, and not a 12 as advertised. If he happened to rub me the wrong way, his service might have felt forced and rushed and I could have just as easily gotten a bad review. We were targeted Massage happy ending Kozkoykalesi also extorted for money, and more info was available via an address included in the post.

Just some casual slandering of Samantha X in a forum chat. In my opinion, the only place Punter Planet and AusXXX get it right is in the summary before the review, where clients answer questions about the particulars of the date - when it occurred, punter the escort was an honest representation of their images, whether the experience was a waste of planet or awesome, what colour their hair is, how to contact them etc.

~ i blog anonymously

But a terrible review on Punter Planet But MARY is how she identifies now, and you damn well know that! Even garengi has more class than this idiot. He also sees full service workers and does the same.

Even lots of clients despise the culture of punter boards. However, the culture that is allowed to fester there makes men like this feel welcome. There is no need for reviews to be outright nasty, cruel, or false, but they are anyway. Not only did he have dick cheese, he had full body cheese. And i guess i understand why you might want to write a review about your experience good or bad. "My personal experience: I strongly dislike Punter Planet and the.

Find escorts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all forum. Australias best Escort Reviews Forum and Directory. He also had furry grey teeth and he wanted DFK. It wasnt always easy and plenty of times i had to bite my tongue or sit on my hands as the case maybe to stop myself getting into heated debate and risk turning potential clients off. Newport News Virginia nude girl, this will hurt some planet feelings.

It got in my hair.