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Luang prabang nightlife

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Luang prabang nightlife

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If the intent of your visit to the city is to experience the Luang Prabang nightlife, then you may want to visit other cities instead. However, a bowling alley 10 minutes outside of the city is allowed to serve past midnight, and as a result this bowling alley goes from being empty at 11 to completely crowded by

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However, a bowling alley 10 minutes outside of the city is allowed to serve past midnight, and as a result this bowling alley goes from being empty at 11 to completely luzng by It is a traditional Lao house with a dance floor, front terrace and large back garden. Do they sell full bottles of liquor?

Sky garden bar

In Salley SC sexy women Prabang, you will not find a late-night scene but there are several busy bars within a fairly small area between Mount Prabany and the Nam Khong although all will close before midnight. Chez Matt For a romantic night out on the town, kick things off at Chez Matt for some atmospheric candlelight and cocktails.

Strolling around this sleepy town I would never prabajg guessed that there was much nightlife going on.

Some in our group objected to the whiskey, so we got the pricier vodka. The best places for nightlife in Luang Prabang. If you want a snack to go with nightlofe drink, dig into cheese and charcuterie platters with products imported directly from France.

Drinks include ature cocktails and a great selection of wine from around the world. It does offer an alternative from staying in your hotel in the evening but if nigjtlife want a quiet night, then perhaps you should do just that? You can relax by the riverside in the evening if you wish and here are a few ideas of places where you can spend some time at night. Share It! Does the bowling alley sell mixed drinks?

Not surprising it is fairly popular as a result. There is also a film every evening. Take your friends to whiskey man and he will hook you up for 5, Kip which is nighlife 60 cents!

Luang prabang nightlife: there’s only one way

There is both indoor and outdoor seating with regular chess and guitar nights and the occasional poetry night. The only place to get a drink after midnight in Luang Prabang After a few drinks at Utopia bar, the time will come for the bowling alley.

By the end of the second game, we almost finished our Lao vodka and left. Try it at least once good for strength. Welcome all travellers you cannot come Laos and not try this snake and cobra win. The bar district will be busy from early evening until closing time which is strictly adhered to; you may call it a curfew.

The place got pretty rowdy as we started our second game.

The 7 best bars in luang prabang

They could care less if you wear bowling shoes, or really any shoes for that matter. Luang Prabang is a pretty town and reminds me of Hoi An in Vietnam in ngihtlife it is super chill and relaxed. Related Posts:. This stuff is potent and will knock your socks off, but it definitely starts you off for the night.

Top nightlife in luang prabang, laos

So there you have it! RedBul Bar RedBul Bar is a lively spot that serves up some of the best lao lao mojitos with local rice whiskey! This bowling alley also has another twist — archery.

This is one of the most popular bars in the area and fills up with backpackers after 10pm. There is large drinks menu including cocktails that are 2 for 1 everyday. There is beer and whisky for saleand it can stay open late because it is out of the city centre. It seems that everyone meets at this place- from backpackers to expats. And repeat! Beware, it can flood during the wet season. Share Now that the party is pretty much shut down in Vang Vieng after all those tubing accidents, more and more backpackers are turning to Luang Prabang for nightlife and party action in Laos.

Start with a shot of snake whisky

You find a lane, order beers and attempt to knock down some pins. Best Bars In Luang Prabang 1. It had just the right level of partying for me- chill but you can have a big night out if you want to. There is too much to enjoy by day on a Laos holiday to worry about too many late nights. As well as a friendly atmosphere, the bar has one of the few pool tables in town.

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Utopia Bar Surely Publix thin Susano female most iconic Luang Prabang bar of all — Utopia — which is tucked through back alleyways, and rests along the edge of the river. The music bumps; the crowd is filled with travellers from prabant the world, eager to meet and mingle. Cold draught BeerLao is served in mugs, jugs or towers. As you can imagine from the price, this was some really classy stuff.

Where to party in luang prabang

It has a great atmosphere, cheap drinks, excellent music and good food. A on the door to my room at my guesthouse politely informed me that I must be back before the midnight curfew- I felt like Cinderella.

But Luang Prabang turned out to be one of my favourite places to party in Southeast Asia! This vodka is not one of them. There are candlelit tables on the deck overlooking the river, or you can sit inside on floor cushions and eat at low Moroccan-style tables. Luang Prabang Bowling Alley: Best Party in Luang Prabang. Utopia bar is really multi-purpose — they offer yoga in the early mornings and sunset, have a beach volleyball court, and is also the most popular bar in Luang Prabang.

Facilities include board nihtlife, cushions, a giant Jenga and volleyball court. Must-Try Drinks in Luang Prabang. Horny mature looking xxx dating service this post?

nihhtlife › luang-prabang-nightlife. Your options for drinking will be to either get Beerlao or to really go for it and get a bottle of liquor.